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History of Aeronautics - Level 3

You are possibly reading this material because you have had the same dreams of flight as did your ancestors thousands of years ago. Ancient writings record flight mythologies of the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Assyrian, and Oriental cultures. Early scientists such as the English monk Roger Bacon, the genius Leonardo da Vinci, and other visionaries laid the foundation for today's unmanned voyages through the solar system. Because of your desire to learn more about the aerospace environment, you are helping to make dreams come true; and who knows, maybe your visions will be instrumental in helping mankind colonize other worlds in our universe.

Chapters in this Module:

Blue_Arrow82A0.gif (140 bytes) History of Flight

Blue_Arrow82A0.gif (140 bytes) A Brief History of Rockets

Blue_Arrow82A0.gif (140 bytes) Heroes, People, and Organizations in Aeronautics

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