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Hot Links !!

ALLSTAR related site

ALLSTAR Learning Laboratory provides access to Blacks in Aviation part of site

General links and contributors:

NASA Headquarters
NASA Langley Research Center Office of Education
NASA Ames Research Center
NASA Education Program Web Site
Civil Air Patrol - United States Air Force Auxiliary
Raytheon Aviation
ASME The International Gas Turbine Institute
San Diego Aerospace Museum
National Science Education Standards
National Math Education Standards
90th Fighter Squadron (USAF) Aviation Education Site
The Franklin Mint Airplane Collection-History Level 2
53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (Hurricane Hunters of the Air Force Reserve) -click on cool pix link at top to get weather related photos
Aerospace Education Alliance - Wings Student Organization

Other Aeronautics related NASA funded projects:

LEGO Data Acquisition and Prototyping System (LDAPS)
Student Program for Aeronautics Resources and Knowledge (SPARK)


History of Aviation related links:

Air Force Magazine
National Aviation Hall of Fame -- biographies of inductees
The Ninety-Nines -- women pilots' organization
International Women's Aviation Air and Space Museum
Women's Airforce Service Pilots of World War II
The Glenn H. Curtiss Museum of Early Aviation
Aerofiles (formerly Aero Data Files) -- provides data on all American aircraft
NASA images -- NASA related images, including those for aeronautics
NASM -- National Air and Space Museum

Other Educational Related Links:

universetodaylogo.gif (4645 bytes) Universe Today - Space news from around the Internet, updated every weekday.

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JustEngineers.net - engineering recruitment website that is 100% free to engineering candidates
Aviation Employment - Aviation Employment site, that is free, which specializes in aviation employment information
ScholarshipHelp - A place to get information about how and why to apply for scholarships
CabinCrew.com - A place to find information about cabin crew jobs, flight attendant jobs, crew recruitment, etc
CV-resume.org - A place to find information about resume writing, free resume samples, etc
Aerospace Engineering Jobs - Aerospace Engineering Jobs, Aircraft Maintenance jobs, Aircraft Mechanic, Aerospace Engineers, Engineer Jobs, Aerospace Recruitment
Engineering Job Site - Job opportunities for people in the engineering profession and industry
The California Job Site - Find local jobs from businesses who want local candidates for their open positions.

Other Educational Links Related to Kids:

Kids.net.au -- a search engine just for kids!


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