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Basic Instrument Flying - Level 3

In order to fly an aircraft from point A(origin) to Point B (destination), in a non VFR environment, then such a flight must be conducted in an IFR environment. In  order to fly safely and confidently in an IFR environment, a pilot must possess and be proficient in Basic Instrument Flying skills and techniques. This chapter reviews and discusses some of the more critical and important procedures, maneuvers, skills and techniques, that the proficient instrument rated pilot must possess and/or be capable of performing and demonstrating, with the utmost safety.

Sections in this Chapter:

blueball.gif (326 bytes) Attitude Instrument Flying

     Instrument Flying Concept
     Trim Technique
     Scan (Cross-Check) Technique
     Adjusting Attitude and Power

blueball.gif (326 bytes) Attitude Instrument Flying Maneuvers

     Stalls and Stall Recovery

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