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Dr. Cesar Levy - ALLSTAR Project Director


Cesar Levy

Tenured Full Professor (1996), Mechanical Engineering
at Florida International University since 1985

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (2007)


B.S., 1972, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
M.S., 1974, New York University
Ph.D., 1983, Stanford University

Florida International University
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
College of Engineering and Computing
Engineering Campus, EC2471
Miami, Florida 33199

(305) 348-0104
(305) 348-1869 Dean's Office
(305) 348-6142 Fax
Email: levyez@fiu.edu

Research Areas:

Fracture Mechanics, Biomechanics, Vibrations, Composite Materials, Numerical Methods, and Engineering Education

Dr. Levy has been working in applied mechanics, mainly in the areas of biomechanics, vibrations, fracture mechanics, and composite materials. In the area of biomechanics, his interests are in determining the effects of exercise on the geometrical, material, and structural properties of bone. The goal of this work is to connect changes in properties with specific externally applied stimuli and to find ways for controlling these property changes. In the area of fracture mechanics, he is interested in finding the 3-D stress intensity factors for arrays of cracks in autofrettaged and nonautofrettaged thick walled cylinders using FE and analytical techniques. His goal is to understand the parameters that cause fracture, thereby finding ways of controlling it. In the study of vibrations, Dr. Levy is investigating the use of viscoelastic, CNT and SMA materials as a means of controlling or modifying the behavior of the original system. In engineering education, he is evaluating curriculum reconfiguration’s effect and the use of the internet and electronic lecture notes and modules on the learning of science and engineering material.

Selected Publications (2003-2008)

Levy, C., Perl, M., and Kotagiri, S., “The Combined Stress Intensity Factors Of Multiple Longitudinally Coplanar Cracks In Autofrettaged Pressurized Tubes Influenced by the Bauschinger Effect”, accepted, ASME J. Press. Vessel Tech., August 2008 issue.

Li, X., Levy, C. and Elaadil, L., “Structural Health Monitoring via Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Film”, Proceedings of Modern Trends in Structural Engineering and Seismic Design Conference,  Session on Smart Materials and Structures and High Performance Concrete, Ariel, Israel, 8-11 October 2007 (in CD format).

Li, X., Levy, C. and Elaadil, L., “Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Film for Strain Sensing”, Institute of Physics Journal – Nanotechnology (in press) Ref: NANO/252812/PAP/170180

Perl, M., Levy, C., and Rallabhandy, V., “Bauschinger Effect’s Impact on the 3-D Combined SIFs for Radially Cracked Fully or Partially Autofrettaged Thick-Walled Cylinders”, Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences: Special Issue on International Workshop on the Advancement of Computational Mechanics, Vol. 11, pp. 37-48 (2006).

Perl, M., Levy, C., and Rallabhandy, V., “The Influence of the Bauschinger Effect on 3-D Stress Intensity Factors for a Radially Cracked Autofrettaged Thick-Walled Cylinder”, J. Press. Vessel Tech.-Special Issue: Application of Pressure Vessel Techology to Gun Tubes, Vol. 128, pp. 233-239 (2006).

Levy, C., Perl, M., and Kotagiri, S., “The Influence of the Bauschinger Effect on 3-D Stress Intensity Factors for Internal Longitudinal Coplanar Cracks in a Fully or Partially Autofrettaged Thick-Walled Cylinder”, Eng. Fracture Mech., Vol. 73, pp. 1814-1825 (2006).

Esparragoza, I., Levy, C., and Caudill, N.E., “Thermal Stresses in a Single Long Elastic Fiber Embedded in an Infinite Matrix”, Int. J. Appl. Mech. and Eng., Vol. 11 (3), pp. 577-591 (2006).

Levy, C., Perl, M., and Ma, Q., “Equispaced Multiple Axial Erosions’ Effect on the 3-D SIF of Autofrettaged Pressurized Cylinders”, in preparation for Engineering Fracture Mechanics.

Levy, C., Perl, M., and Ma, Q., “The Influence of Finite Multiple Axial Erosions on a Three Dimensional Crack in Determining the Fatigue Life of Autofrettaged Pressurized Cylinders”, ASME J. Press. Vessel Tech., Vol. 125, pp. 379-384 (2003).

Levy, C., Perl, M., and Ma, Q., “Erosions and their Effect on the Fatigue Life of Thick Walled, Autofrettaged, Pressurized Vessels”, ASME J. Press. Vessel Tech. Special Issue on Pressure Vessel Technology Applied to Gun Tubes, Vol. 125, pp. 242-247 (2003).

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