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Use of ALLSTAR within FIU

Florida’s Action for Minorities In Engineering (FLAME)

We had a very challenging experience in July 1997 with the FLAME students. The participating FLAME students were from sixth and seventh grades coming from twelve schools around Dade County (most of them, schools that have or will have ALLSTAR kiosks). The students were invited on July 9th and 10th to the Engineering Information Center Lab which is equipped with 15 Internet connected computers. Level 1 History was completed and uploaded to the public site for the students' benefit. Dr. Cesar Levy, and Mr. Yair Levy demonstrated the site, mainly Level 1 because of the students’ grade level, while asking the students questions about basic principles of aeronautics and flight. Many students were very enthusiastic about the project and very supportive. We asked them to answer our feedback form online, and here are some of the comments:

 "This is a good program on the Internet"

"We enjoied (sic) the program . Looking forward to using it again"

"I like this web site"

"I like the graphics and it shows you how it works. I also like everything."

"Your website was very educational."

"I liked it. I think it is very interesting and fun."

"It was interesting"

Selected pictures from the summer program:


flame03.gif (87442 bytes)

Dr. Cesar Levy guiding students through the ALLSTAR web site

flame02.gif (95320 bytes)

Yair Levy giving an overview of the ALLSTAR web site

flame05.gif (81797 bytes)

Dr. Cesar Levy assisting students in navigating the ALLSTAR web site

flame01.gif (90898 bytes)

Yair Levy showing some aerodynamics experiments available on the ALLSTAR web site

flame06.gif (92220 bytes)

Dr. Cesar Levy explaining some aerodynamics principles


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