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Pratt & Whitney Engines

Line Replaceable Units for the Space Shuttle Main Engine



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fuel turbopump                                                     oxidizer turbopump


Fuel Turbopump

Propellant: Liquid Hydrogen
Speed: 36,200 psi
Discharge Pressure (max): 6,600 psi
Flow: 162 lb/sec (16,900 gpm)
Shaft Horsepower: 73,000 hp
Turbine Inlet Temperature: 1,800 R
Service Life: 60 Missions
Design Life: 240 Missions


Oxidizer Turbopump

Propellant: Liquid Oxygen
Speed: 23,600 rpm
Discharge Pressure (max): 7,850 psi
Flow: 1,170 lb/sec (8,350 gpm)
Shaft Horsepower: 27,350 hp
Turbine Inlet Temperature: 1,500 R
Service Life: 60 Missions
Design Life: 240 Missions


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