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Review Exercise - 6.16


Match the following statements with the BEST response.

1. Collects oceanographic data.

2. Defends and attacks on land during a war.

3. Guards embassies, installations, and ships.

4. Provides research and development for space program.


Match the following civilian jobs with the MOST appropriate military career field.

1. Radio mechanic and link trainer instructor.


2. Aircraft electrician and radio and television repairer.


3. Toxic chemical handler and acid plant operator.


4. Carpenter, fire fighter, plumber, and bricklayer.


5. Aircraft mechanic, electrician, and cargo handler.


6. Airport serviceman, aircraft engineer, and test mechanic.


7. Welder, sheet metal repairer, and hydraulics technician.


8. Airplane dispatch clerk, flight dispatcher, and timekeeper.


9. Weather observer, meteorologist aide, and weather chart preparer.


10. Electronics technician, electrician, and test equipment repairman.


11. Mechanical inspector, mechanical engineer, and aircraft mechanic.


12. Electronics equipment technician, mechanic, and television technician.


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