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Review Exercise - 6.19

Choose the BEST option to complete the statement.

1. provide weather forecasts to the flying crew.

2. pilots check ground-based air facilities.

3. work on structural, electrical, and mechanical devices.

4. draft engineering plans.

5. Air direct air traffic so that it flows smoothly and efficiently.

6. Flight- fly aircraft to test their airworthiness.

7. create ways to increase aviation safety.

8. maintain aviation electronics equipment.


Choose the option that BEST completes the statement.

1. The U.S. government agency responsible for controlling air commerce is the .

2. Training for FAA operational personnel is the responsibility of the .

3. The source responsible for Investigating aircraft accidents is the .

4. The main function of air traffic control is to .

5. Which of the following is responsible for controlling aircraft that are leaving or arriving?


6. The source responsible for assigning aircraft altitude and specific courses is the .

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