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ALLSTAR Network Participant Schools

Clubs and Activities

Honor Clubs

Honor societies are what make Coral Park so academically good. They were originally formatted for those students which proved themselves to be good in the field they liked. If someone has an A or a B+, has at least a B in conduct and is willing to help out other peers which need help, then that person qualifies for the honor society of the field which he/she is good in. Honor societies are also the best sources for tutoring most students said.

Community Service Clubs

Community service clubs are the funk. You get to do cool stuff like helping people out, cleaning up the community, collaborate to help clean out sicknesses, and best of all, you get to party party at the end of the year. You make bonds with other people too.

Interest Clubs

Interest clubs, as they sound, are for those students who are interested in a particular culture. For example, in "French interest club" students learn about French countries and their different cultures, in the "future physician club" students learn more about medicine and similar fields. Interest clubs are not like classes, they are more like activity clubs.

Student Boards


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