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Section 4.7 - Review Exercise

Match the following statements with the BEST response.

1. Point at which weight is concentrated.
2. Created by the jet engine or propeller.
3. Force that pulls an aircraft toward the ground.
4. Point at which lift is concentrated.
5. Created by air moving over an airfoil.
6. Created by air impacting the bottom of the wing.
7. Force that opposes thrust.

Choose the BEST answer from the options.

8. As the upper camber on a wing  , the lift is increased.

9. When the speed of the relative wind decreases, the induced lift   .

10. When the angle of attack is increased, the lift  usually .

11. In straight and level flight at a constant speed, lift just balances and thrust just balances .

12. The type of drag that is a product of induced lift is called .

13. All drag other than induced drag is called .

14. Aircraft are streamlined to reduce .

15. The best way to decrease pressure drag would be to .

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