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ALLSTAR Video Gallery
X-31 EFM (Enhanced Fighter Maneuverability)

Streaming Video for 28.8K modem

Title: X-31 in flight - Mongoose Maneuver
Movie Number: X-31_Mongoose
Movie Date: 1995
Keywords: X-31
Description: The X-31 EFM (Enhanced Fighter Maneuverability) was designed to explore concepts and technologies for an extremely maneuverable fighter aircraft. Particular goals pertained to controllable flight at high angles of attack and the slow-speed environment. The X-31's re-programmable digital flight control system was also used to simulate the flying qualities of a tailless or semi-tailless aircraft.
The following video clips demonstrate the remarkable agility of the X-31. Maneuvers like the Herbst and Mongoose were entirely new, and unique to the X-31. These "post-stall" maneuvers are flown at angles of attack that would put a conventional airplane in a stalled condition, and beyond its aerodynamic limits. The clips run from about 18 to 45 seconds in length.



We would like to thank Marty Curry, Ted Huetter, and Robert Binkley
from NASA Dryden Flight Research Center , for providing the videos.

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