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ALLSTAR Photo Gallery 4

NASA F-series Aircraft

thumbF-4A.gif (4550 bytes)
F-4A Phantom (76K)
thumbF-4C.gif (7847 bytes)
F-4C Phantom II  (85K)
thumbF-5D.gif (6521 bytes)
F-5D Skylancer (92K)
thumbF-8dfbw.gif (6549 bytes)
F-8C Crusader - Digital Fly-By-Wire (DFBW) (75K)
thumbF-8SCW.gif (6059 bytes)
F-8A Crusader - Supercritical Wing (SCW) (60K)
thumbF-14.gif (6296 bytes)
F-14 Tomcat - Variable Sweep Transition flight experiment (75K)
thumbF-15A.gif (7457 bytes)
F-15A - flight research (89K)
thumbF-15A-RPRV.gif (7498 bytes)
F-15A - Remotely Piloted Research Vehicle / Spin Research Vehicle (RPRV/SRV) (128K)
thumbF-15 HiDEC.gif (5267 bytes)
F-15 - Highly Integrated Digital Electronic Control (HiDEC) (61K)
thumbF-15B.gif (5969 bytes)
F-15B (71K)
thumbF-15ACTIVE.gif (6569 bytes)
F-15B ACTIVE - Thrust vectoring (91K)
thumbF-16AFTI.gif (6887 bytes)
F-16 - Advanced Fighter Technology Integration (AFTI) (99K)
thumbF-16XL1.gif (6804 bytes)
F-16XL (ship #1) (92K)
thumbF-16XL2.gif (6134 bytes)
F-16XL (Ship #2) - Supersonic Laminar Flow (72K)
thumbF-18HARV.gif (5668 bytes)
F-18 Hornet - High Alpha Research Aircraft (HARV) (65K)
thumbF-18SRA.gif (6704 bytes)
F-18 Hornet - Systems Research Aircraft (SRA) (74K)
thumbF-18&X-31.gif (6278 bytes)
F-18 Hornet - Chase Aircraft & X-31 (79K)
thumbF-86.gif (3379 bytes)
F-86 Sabre (66K)
thumbF-100A.gif (6826 bytes)
F-100A Super Sabre (90K)
thumbF-104.gif (7814 bytes)
F-104 Starfighter (129K)
thumbF-105.gif (2968 bytes)
F-105 Thunderchief (57K)
thumbF-106.gif (5695 bytes)
F-106 Delta Dart (60K)
thumbF-107A.gif (3499 bytes)
F-107A Ultra Sabre (65K)
thumbF-111A.gif (6377 bytes)
F-111A (Aardvaark) (67K)
thumbF-111AFTI.gif (6470 bytes)
F-111 - AFTI (85K)
thumbF-111E-IPCS.gif (7965 bytes)
F-111E - Integrated Propulsion Control System (IPCS) (101K)
thumbF-111TACT.gif (7006 bytes)
F-111 - Transonic Aircraft Technology (TACT) (85K)

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We would like to thank Marty Curry , Dryden Flight Research Center , for providing the pictures.  In February, 2014, the Dryden Flight Research Center was renamed Armstrong Flight Research Center.

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