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International Aerospace Hall of Fame

Honoree: Inducted: Description:
Buzz Aldrin 1971 Astronaut, Apollo XI Moon landing flight
William M. Allen 1975 Industrialist - Boeing Aircraft Company
William A. Anders 1990 Astronaut, Apollo 8, first to leave Earth's orbit and orbit Moon
Neil A. Armstrong 1971 Astronaut, Apollo XI, first man on Moon
Henry H. Arnold 1972 General U.S. Army - Air power proponent
John L. Atwood 1984 Aerospace industry executive
Bernt Balchen 1976 Arctic explorer
Olive Ann Beech 1995 Aviation industrialist; co-founder Beech Aircraft Company
Walter Herschel Beech 1982 Aircraft designer - industrialist
William A. Bishop 1967 Air Marshal RCAF - WW I fighter ace
Louis Bleriot 1967 French aero pioneer
William E. Boeing 1984 Aircraft manufacturer - founder Boeing Aircraft Company
Frank Borman 1990 Astronaut, Apollo 8, first to leave Earth's orbit and orbit Moon
Karel J. Bossart 1965 Rocket engineer
Wernher von Braun 1965 Rocket scientist
Louis C. Breguet 1980 French aero pioneer - engineer - industrialist
Richard E. Byrd 1968 Polar explorer
Sir Sydney Camm 1984 British designer - Hurricane designer
Gianni Caproni 1983 Italian pioneer aircraft designer
Sir George Cayley 1974 Science of flight pioneer - inventor
Clyde V. Cessna 1983 American aircraft manufacturer - industrialist
Octave Chanute 1974 First aviation historian - aero engineer
Juan de la Cierva 1966 Pioneer of rotary flight
Sir Alan J. Cobham 1997 Visionary proponent of long distance flight and mid-air refueling
Jacqueline Cochran 1965 Aviation record holder
Michael Collins 1971 Astronaut - pilot of Apollo XI Moon landing flight
A. Scott Crossfield 1965 NASA test pilot
Glenn H. Curtiss 1965 Early U.S. aeroplane designer and pilot
Marcel Dassault 1973 Premier French aircraft designer
Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. 1996 American airman and statesman
James H. Doolittle 1966 General USAF - aviation record holder - WW II commander
Claude Dornier 1987 German designer of early all-metal aircraft
Donald W. Douglas 1967 Aero designer - builder of transport aircraft
Lord Hugh Dowding 1985 Aero Chief Marshall RAF - Battle of Britain commander
Hugh L. Dryden 1974 Aerodynamicist - scientist
Ira C. Eaker 1981 General USAF - WW II commander
Amelia Earhart 1967 Pioneer aviatrix and record holder
Sir George Edwards 1989 English aerospace industrialist
Kraftt A. Ehricke 1966 Rocket and space scientist
Jacob Christian Hansen Ellehammer 1986 First powered flight in Europe
Henri Farman 1988 French pioneer, designer
Frank W. Fink 1968 Aeronautical engineer - industrialist
Rueben H. Fleet 1965 Aircraft pioneer - industrialist
Henrik Focke 1993 Pioneer helicopter designer
Anthony Fokker 1970 Early Dutch aircraft designer - builder
Yuri A. Gagarin 1970 Russian cosmonaut - first man to orbit Earth
Robert R. Gilruth 1992 Aerospace scientist and engineer
John H. Glenn, Jr. 1968 First U.S. astronaut to orbit the Earth
George W. Goddard 1976 Pioneer of aerial photography
Robert H. Goddard 1966 Rocket pioneer
Leroy R. Grumman 1973 U.S. aircraft designer
Sir Frederick Handley Page 1987 British designer, manufacturer, and industry leader
Geoffrey de Havilland 1972 Pioneer British aircraft designer
Edward Henry Heinemann 1982 Aero engineer - designer
Ernst Heinkel 1981 German aeronautical engineer - industrialist
Howard Hughes 1987 American designer, air racer, and airline president
Capt. Elrey B. Jeppesen 1995 Creator of Jeppesen Airway Manual
Clarence L. Johnson 1965 Aeronautical engineer designer
Hugo Junkers 1976 Pioneer German aircraft designer
Theodore von Karman 1968 Aerospace scientist
James H. Kindelberger 1977 Aero designer
Sir Charles Kingsford- Smith 1986 Austalian long-distance pioneer
Sergei Pavolovich Korolev 1990 Rocket scientist - directed launch of Sputnik in 1957
Isaac M. Laddon 1975 Pioneer aero engineer - inventor
William P. Lear 1981 Engineer - inventor - aircraft manufacturer
Curtiss E. LeMay 1979 U.S. Air Commander and air power advocate
A.W. "Tony" LeVier 1993 Premier test pilot
Otto Lilienthal 1972 Early German glider pilot
Charles A. Lindbergh 1965 First man to fly the Atlantic nonstop and solo
Edwin A. Link, Jr. 1992 Pioneer flight simulator designer
Alexander Martin Lippisch 1985 Pioneer German aerodynamicist
Grover Loening 1965 U.S. aero engineer - seaplane designer
James A. Lovell, Jr. 1990 Astronaut, Apollo 8, first to leave Earth's orbit and orbit the Moon
John A. Macready 1976 Early test pilot
Glenn L. Martin 1977 Pioneer U.S. aero engineer
James S. McDonnell 1981 Aeronautical engineer - aerospace industrialist
Willi E. Messerschmitt 1979 German aircraft designer - industrialist
Artyom Mikoyan 1996 Soviet aircraft designer and engineer
Reginald Mitchell 1986 British designer - Spitfire designer
William E. Mitchell 1970 Pioneer air power advocate
Marc A. Mitscher 1989 American naval airpower proponent
Joseph and Etienne Montgolfier 1983 French balloon pioneers - first manned flight
John K. Northrop 1972 Aeronautical engineer - designer - industrialist
Hermann Oberth 1980 Pioneer German rocket engineer
Hans J.P. von Ohain 1982 German inventor of jet engine
Auguste and Jean Piccard 1991 Pioneer aeronauts
William H. Pickering 1979 U.S. space scientist
William T. Piper 1993 Renowned light aircraft manufacturer
Paul Poberezney 1997 Founder of the Experimental Aircraft Association
Wiley H. Post 1997 American pioneer aviator
Ludwig Prandtl 1992 Father aerodynamic theory
Robert C. Reeve 1980 Pioneer Alaska pilot - airline executive
Baron Manfred von Richtofen 1968 Leading German ace WW I
Edward V. Rickenbacker 1966 Leading U.S. ace WW I
Frederick H. Rohr 1966 Aircraft designer - industrialist
Elbert L. "Burt" Rutan 1988 Designer of first non-stop, unrefueled around the world plane
T. Claude Ryan 1965 Aircraft designer - industrialist
Alberto Santos-Dumont 1967 Pioneer Brazilian aviator
Walter M. Schirra, Jr. 1970 U.S. astronaut - flew in Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs
Edgar Schmued 1991 Aeroplane designer
Alan B. Shepard, Jr. 1971 First U.S. astronaut - Flew in Mercury and Apollo Programs
Igor I. Sikorsky 1966 Engineer - helicopter inventor
C.R. Smith 1996 Founding president of American Airlines
Sir Thomas Sopwith 1979 Pioneer British aero engineer - industrialist
Carl A. Spaatz 1977 First Chief of Staff USAF - WW II commander
Lawrence B. Sperry 1979 Inventor of automatic flight equipment
John H. Towers 1973 Early U.S. naval air power advocate
Hugh M. Trenchard 1977 Founder of the Royal Air Force
Juan Terry Trippe 1982 Founder of Pan American World Airways
Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky 1989 Soviet space scientist
Andrei Tupolev 1988 Soviet designer, engineer
Sir Alliot Verdon-Roe 1980 Pioneer British designer
Waldo D. Waterman 1968 Pioneer aviator and aero engineer
Sir Frank Whittle 1967 British inventor of the jet engine
Orville and Wilbur Wright 1965 First powered human flight
John W. Young 1995 Astronaut, test pilot, first Space Shuttle commander
Charles E. Yeager 1966 First man to exceed the speed of sound
Ferdinand von Zeppelin 1975 Pioneer German airship designer - builder

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