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Jay K. Jeffries

I am the Senior Programmer for the ALLSTAR Network development effort at Florida International University under the direction of Dr. Cesar Levy and Dr. M. A. Ebadian. This project is very challenging, constantly requiring technical innovation to bring the power of the Internet to the low-powered computers found in many of our educational institutions today.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Ocean Engineering from Florida Atlantic University and have attended graduate studies in Marine Affairs at the University of Rhode Island.

My spare time is spent with Civil Air Patrol (CAP) as the Director of Emergency Services for Florida Wing where I hold the grade of captain. CAP, a civilian auxiliary of the US Air Force provides search and rescue capabilities, aerospace education, and a youth program to the nation. I am also a member of the Florida Special Response Team - A, a canine search and rescue unit.

You can send email to: bottmgun@mindspring.com

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Refueling a B-1B bomber from a KC-135 tanker aircraft over Knoxville, TN. during an orientation ride that I recently flew, compliments of Civil Air Patrol and the Tennessee Air National Guard.

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