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Heroes, People and Organizations


Minorities In Aeronautics


Other Minorities

Tuskegee Airman

Blacks in Aviation (part of the ALLSTAR Learning Laboratory)

Heroes and People In Aeronautics

Edwin Aldrin, Jr. William M. Allen
William A. Anders Neil A. Armstrong
General Henry Harley "Hap" Arnold John L. Atwood
Bernt Balchen Walter H. Beech
William Bishop Louis Bleriot
William E. Boeing Frank Borman
Karel Jan Bossart Wernher von Braun
Louis C. Breguet Willa Brown
Eugene Jacques Bullard Richard E. Byrd
Sir Sydney Camm Gianni Caproni
Sir George Cayley Clyde V. Cessna
Octave Chanute Juan De La Cierva
Henri Coanda Jacqueline Cochran
Bessie Coleman Janette M. Collins (nee Prince)
Michael Collins Charles "Pete" Conrad, Jr.
A. Scott Crossfield Major General John F. Curry
Glenn H. Curtiss
Marcel Dassault General James Harold Doolittle
Etienne Dormoy Claude Dornier
Donald W. Douglas Hugh Caswall Tremenheere Dowding
Hugh L. Dryden
Ira C. Eaker Amelia Earhart
Sir George Edwards Kraftt A. Ehricke
Jacob Christian Ellehammer
Henri Farman Mary Feik
Linda Finch Frank W. Fink
Reuben H. Fleet Anthony Fokker
Yuri A. Gagarin Robert Gibson
Dr. Robert R. Gilruth John H. Glenn, Jr.
George Goddard Dr. Robert H. Goddard
Leroy R. Grumman
John Ben Ali Haggin Geoffrey De Havilland
Edward Heinemann Ernst Heinkel
Eddie Hubbard Howard Hughes
General Daniel “Chappy” James, Jr. Clarence "Kelly" Johnson
Hugo Junkers
Theodore von Karman James H. Kindelberger
Charles Edward Kingsford Smith Sergei Pavlovich Korolev
Isaac M. Laddon Samuel P. Langley
William P. Lear Curtis E. Le May
Otto Lilienthal Charles A. Lindbergh
Edwin A. Link, Jr. Alexander Martin Lippisch
Grover Loening James A. Lovell, Jr.
Frank Luke, Jr. Raoul Lufbery
John A. Macready Glenn L. Martin
James S. McDonnell Betty Wood McNabb
Willi E. Messerschmitt General William "Billy" Mitchell
Reginald Joseph Mitchell Admiral Marc A. Mitscher
The De Montgolfier Brothers
John K. Northrop
Hermann Oberth Captain Scott O'Grady
Hans J. von Ohain
Sir Frederick Handley Page Auguste & Jean Piccard
W. H. Pickering Gunther Plüschow
Ludwig Prandtl
Harriet Quimby
Robert C. Reeve Baron Manfred von Richthofen
Edward "Eddie"Vernon Rickenbacker Frederick H. Rohr
Elbert L. "Burt" Rutan T. Claude Ryan
A. Santos-Dumont Walter M. Schirra
Edgar Schmued Alan B. Shepard
Igor I. Sikorsky Shelly R. Snyder
Thomas Sopwith General Carl Spaatz
Lawrence B. Sperry
John H. Towers Hugh M. Trenchard
Juan Terry Trippe Konstantin E. Tsiolkovsky
Andei Tupolev
Sir A. Verdon-Roe
Waldo Waterman Sir Frank Whittle
Sheila E. Widnall Orville & Wilbur Wright
Charles E. Yeager John W. Young
Ferdinand von Zeppelin


Aeronautical Organizations

Civil Air Patrol

International Aerospace Hall of Fame

(NAHF) National Aviation Hall of FameTM (registered trademark of the NAHF)

        International Women's Air and Space Museum

        Women's Airforce Service Pilots of WWII

        Tuskegee Airman


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