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Please let me remind all of you--this material is copyrighted. Though partially funded by NASA, it is still a private site. Therefore, before using our materials in any form, electronic or otherwise, you need to ask permission.
There are two ways to browse the site: (1) use the search button above to find specific materials using keywords; or,
(2) go to specific headings like history, principles or careers at specific levels above and click on the button. 
Teachers may go directly to the Teachers' Guide from the For Teachers button above or site browse as in (1) and  (2).

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  School Systems Using ALLSTAR as a Resource

Schools and School Districts Using ALLSTAR

Simpson Elementary School (Cyber Skyschool), Bridgeport, West Virginia         http://www.wvonline.com/skyschool/page6.htm

Federal Way School District, (Internet Academy), Federal Way, Washington (they are using our material without our permission, for profit, though our material is free to all --presently their webpage does not allow access to the individual lessons without registering 12/4/2000)   (history)
(history, flight control)
(history, flight principles) (history, flight principles) (review of history, flight principles and flight control) (review of history, flight principles) (review of history, flight principles) (review of history, flight principles)

Southeastern Michigan Math-Science Learning Coalition uses many of our experiments in their list of experiments (see item numbers 6, 63, 75, 160, 162, 164, 172-176, 225-226, 285--correct to 12/15/2004).   The coalition considers us a Higher Education Partner.

Wakefield Senior High School, Arlington, Virginia, is using the ALLSTAR Careers Exploration CD-ROM (contact point is Wyllona Harris)

School Board Number One, Timmins, Ontario, Canada 

Gander Academy, Newfoundland, Canada 
(many topics use ALLSTAR materials)

St. Patrick's Senior National School, Skerries, Co. Dublin,   Ireland is using the Level 1 History and Principles of Flight materials (contact point is John Harte)

Other Organizations Citing ALLSTAR

Intelligent Agent a print and on-line magazine on the use of interactive media in arts and education

Individual Teachers Using ALLSTAR

Rex A. Weisheit

Thank you, Brad Gilbert

[the following is a combination of two emails from the same instructor]

  I am a high school teacher who is transitioning our program from electronics to Industrial Engineering Technology. We have included aeronautics and aviation in the curriculum since it is an interesting and motivating subject area from which we can teach applied physics and other areas of study in a secondary school pre-engineering/technology
career path.
  I have found the Allstar web site a valuable tool and since we have 40 internet terminals in our classroom we are able to use it to its potential. It is excellent in its format and understandable to all of our students since we serve those of all academic levels and abilities.
  Although our pre-engineering/ pre-technician studies program is primarily an electronics program, the aviation/aerospace portion of the program has been difficult due to a lack of instructional materials. Your site turns out to be invaluable. It is understandable and the students seem to enjoy browsing to find answers to the questions they are asked on quizzes. They launched the hot air balloons this week that they designed and built using a TQM instructional strategy and last Saturday, I was able to give several students and their parents orientation rides in my Cherokee 180.  It is great that the instruction I offer through projects, demonstrations and and lectures are reinforced by the quality Instructional tool FIU and NASA has provided. You will notice a relatively large group of new registered users today. Hopefully the number of hits recently will help demonstrate the need to continue this effort.
  We will be using navigational processes this week to teach triangulation, geometric applications, scales and rate/time calculation.

Thank you again for providing a quality learning tool.
Bob Hoskins
Instructor, Industrial Engineering Technology
Turlock High School
Turlock, CA

Dear Mr. Levy,
At Pine Creative Arts Academy in my Physical Science class I printed and copied the ALLSTAR pages while my students made paper gliders and experimented with the control surfaces. The information was understandable to the kids and they successfully learned how airplanes fly.  Thank you for a useful web site.

J. S. Foerch
Pine Creative Arts Academy
Grand Rapids, MI, USA

We use your website as part of our Aerospace Science class at Fort Collins High School. It is an excellent resource.
Thanks for all of your efforts.

Hugh Price
Poudre School District
Ft. Collins, CO

Mr. Ray Mooney wrote:

...We are currently involved in a training grant from the State of Texas to train new aircraft production technicians for the Mooney assembly line. We have developed a basic aerodynamic/structure class which teaches the elementary principles to the unskilled workforce. I have used a number of resources in this effort, including yours, to develop a course that is geared toward general aviation production....
Thanks again,

Randy Ray
Mooney Aircraft Corporation

Im a Technology Teacher in upstate NY. I am getting ready to do a unit on Theory of Flight. The students have to design a wing and make a model plane. It is a contest to see who can get their model to fly straight and the highest.
THANK YOU for the website. It will work great as on introduction to the Learning Unit. I think the site was great and had a lot of good information for my students to use.

Again Thank You:
Steve Davis

[the following is a combination of two emails from the same Curriculum Specialist]

Thanks for the extra information on lessons using the instrument panel--I missed those when I first visited your website. I had my training last night and your website was very helpful.  I have a group of teachers who participate in what we call the "Book of the Month." Because Michigan is moving into a standardized state assessment using a thematic focus, we select a theme each month, select three books related to the theme, and share ideas for activities. This month's theme was "adventure." We studied six books...one being "Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride." There are a couple scenes in that book discussing night flying...that is where I wanted students to experience the view a pilot has from the cockpit at night. The instrument panel lessons worked out well...still trying to think of ways we can get the kids to experience the awesome view. We also discussed many other lessons included in your site related to math and science. 

Camille Timm
Curriculum Specialist
Huron ISD
Bad Axe, MI

To whom it may concern:
I am a teacher at Northeastern Elementary School in Bellefontaine, Ohio. I teach fifth grade and as part of our science curriculum we are required to teach flight for a nine week period.  I have found it quite difficult to find enough information to teach flight. I have tried to find information by buying products at several teacher's stores, however there is simply not enough information out there to buy.  When I discovered your web site I was delighted! I found all the information I was looking for and explained in a very logical way.
Thank you for all the valuable information. You have made my job a whole lot easier!!!

Thanks again!

Tracy Hankins
5th Grade Teacher
Northeastern Elementary

[the following is a combination of two emails from the same Teacher]

I just wanted to let you know we used your pages throughout our flight unit--it was a wonderful help. I especially liked the completeness of it. For example, having three levels of the same thing made easy to adapt any flight subject to the needs of our students. Also, the site is complete with text, graphics, questions and experiments.
Thank you very much. We plan to use this in the years to come.
My school (at the time I used the Allstar Network), is a program within a regular high school where we teach students for half a day in three subjects: math, science and engineering. This was the first year of the program and we had a total of 44 ninth graders, 6 of whom were girls.  (Recruiting girls will be an ongoing issue and I'm happy to say that more girls have signed up for next year's freshman class). As far as ethnic breakdown, about 6 of the students would probably identify themselves as non-white.
I hope this helps and I look forward to using the Allstar Nework in the Spring.

Scot Wigert
Technology High School
1601 E. Cotati Ave.
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

[the following is a combination of two emails from the same Flight Instructor]

I am a flight instructor and run an aviation web site: www.pcflying.com. Your site is what we were going to build into our own but thanks to your work, it makes our concept of free basic information for the avaition community easier
- thank you.
At the present time I am evaluating the new Cessna pilot training program as part of the process of desiging the next phase of our web site and will be comparing the content using your site as a control standard.
We have to remember that Cessna is a commercial operation that requires commercial success to survive and in the world of aviation that means making safe pilots.
I will be happy to provide feedback to you of my findings and of course will agree to you quoting me as long as PC Flying and www.pcflying.com are included in the credits.
Once again thank you for ALLSTAR.

Martyn Thomas, CFI/CII
PC Flying

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