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The Wolfhart Principle

a revolutionary rotary piston machine for pumps, compressors, motors with new work processes


New pumps, compressors, water hydraulic motors are introduced based on the Wolfhart Principle - a new rotary piston machine combined with new work-processes.

The physicist and inventor W.Wolfhart created a rotary piston machine without any bearings in the power train and with only rotating pistons. A stroke motion without mass forces is finally realized! Friction is eliminated or drastically minimized respectively that such machines are able to run a priori without any lubrication - even at high pressure. It is the ideal machine for many applications (Inventor's text unchanged by ALLSTAR).




The Physicist and Inventor W.Wolfhart

The physicist and inventor W.Wolfhart may be contacted at e-mail: wwilli@gte.net   or  W. Wolfhart, P. O. Box 7333, Bradenton, Florida 34210  about possible licensing.  The materials in this section were produced by Dr. Wolfhart and edited by ALLSTAR for clarity.  Dr. Wolfhart has given ALLSTAR permission to provide this abridged version of his website.

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