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Flight Performance - Level 3

This chapter sets out and discusses the various issues that are critically important to the conduct of a well planned, safe and organized flight, as well as the health and physiological appropriateness of the flight crew, in all flight environments, but particularly in IMC environments.

Sections in this Chapter:

blueball.gif (326 bytes) Airplane Performance- You will learn about handling an airplane under different conditions

Section 1 -
Temperature/Altitude Effects on Performance                          TakeOff/Climb/Cruise/Landing Performance Charts

Section 2 -
Landing/TakeOffs at Unimproved Airstrips
Cross-Wind Landings and TakeOffs

Section 3 -
Cruising Speeds
Use of Performance Charts
Wake Turbulence and its Avoidance
Jet Blast Hazard

Section 4 -
Preparation for Flight
Pilot's Inspection Prior to Flight

Section 5 -Cockpit Check Prior to Flight

Section 6 -
TakeOff Procedures-Uncontrolled/controlled Airports
TakeOff Considerations
En Route Procedures

Section 7 -
Landing Procedure
Post Flight Inspection
Braking Technique
Landing Errors

Section 8 -
Wind Shear
Ground Effect
Critical Surface Contamination
Gust Conditions
Low Flying
Collision Avoidance

Section 9 -Good Airmanship

blueball.gif (326 bytes) Human Factors-You will learn how your health affects your flying

          Section 1 -
          General Health
          Stagnant Hypoxia
          Prevention of Hypoxia

          Section 2 -
          Ozone Sickness
          Carbon Monoxide (CO)
          Decompression Sickness

          Section 3 -
          Noise, Vibration and Temperature
          Sensory Illusions
          Spatial Disorientation

          Section 4 -
          Blood Donations

          Section 5 -
          Physical Fitness

          Section 6 -
          Pilot Decision Making
          Human Factors-Summary
blueball.gif (326 bytes) Weight and Balance-You will learn how to load and balance your aircraft

Section 1 -
Computing the Load
Balance Limits

Section 2 -
Finding Balance by Computation Method
Finding Balance by Graph Method
Weight and Balance and Flight Performance

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