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National Aviation Hall of Fame TM


The National Aviation Hall of FameTM (NAHF) at Dayton, OH, is dedicated to honoring the outstanding pioneers of air and space. The name National Aviation Hall of Fame is a registered trademark of the NAHF and the official site of the NAHF can be found elsewhere on the internet.  The names on this page represent those people inducted into the NAHF.  The format of this page, its links and all other items found on this page belong to the ALLSTAR network and are copyrighted to it, except where indicated.

The following persons, whose biographies were obtained from sources other than the NAHF, have been inducted into the Hall of Fame over the years:

Allen, William M.

Andrews, Frank M.

Armstrong, Neil A.

Arnold, Henry H. "Hap"

Atwood, John Leland

Balchen, Bernt

Baldwin, Thomas S.

Beachey, Lincoln

Beech, Olive A.

Beech, Walter H.

Bell, Alexander Graham

Bell, Lawrence D.

Bellanca, Giuseppe Mario

Bendix, Vincent T.

Boeing, William E.

Bong, Richard I.

Borman, Frank

Boyd, Albert

Bradley, Mark E.

Brown, George "Scratchley"

Byrd, Richard E.

Cessna, Clyde V.

Chamberlin, Clarence D.

Chanute, Octave

Chennault, Claire L.

Cochran (Odlum), Jacqueline

Coleman, Bessie (July 2006)

Collins, Michael

Conrad Jr., Charles

Crawford, Frederick C.

Crossfield, A. Scott

Cunningham, Alfred A.

Curtiss, Glenn H.

Davis Jr., Benjamin 0.

DeSeversky, Alexander P.

Doolittle, James H.

Douglas, Donald W.

Draper, Charles S.

Eaker, Ira C.

Earhart (Putnam), Amelia

Eielson, C. Benjamin

Ellyson, Theodore G.

Ely, Eugene B.

Everest, Frank K.

Fairchild, Sherman M.

Fleet, Reuben H.

Fokker, Anthony H.G.

Ford, Henry

Foss, Joseph

Foulois, Benjamin D.

Frye, Jack

Gabreski, Francis S.

Gilruth, Robert R.

Glenn Jr., John H.

Goddard, George W.

Goddard, Robert H.

Godfrey, Arthur

Goldwater, Barry M.

Grissom, Virgil I.

Gross, Robert E.

Grumman, Leroy R.

Guggenheim, Harry F.

Haughton, Daniel J.

Hegenberger, Albert F.

Heinemann, Edward H.

Hoover, Robert A.

Hughes, Howard R.

Ingalls, David S.

James Jr., Daniel "Chappie"

Jeppesen, Elrey B.

Johnson, Clarence L. "Kelly"

Johnston, Alvin M. "Tex"

Jones, Thomas V.

Kenney, George C.

Kettering, Charles F.

Kindelberger, James H.

Knabenshue, A. Roy

Knight, William J.

Lahm, Frank P.

Langley, Samuel P.

Lear Sr., William P.

LeMay, Curtis E.

LeVier, Anthony W.

Lindbergh, Anne M.

Lindbergh, Charles A.

Link, Edwin A.

Lockheed, Allan H.

Loening, Grover

Luke Jr., Frank

Macready, Carl B.

Macready, John A.

Martin, Glenn L.

McDonnell, James S.

Mitscher, Marc A.

Meyer, John C.

Mitchell, William "Billy"

Montgomery, John J.

Moorer, Thomas H.

Moss, Sanford A.

Neumann, Gerhard

Nichols, Ruth R.

Norden, Carl L.

Northrop, John K.

Patterson, William A.

Piper Sr., William T.

Post, Wiley H.

Read, Albert C.

Reeve, Robert C.

Rentschler, Frederick B.

Richardson, Holden C.

Rickenbacker, Edward V.

Rodgers, Calbraith P.

Rogers, Will

Rushworth, Robert A.

Ryan, T. Claude

Schirra, Walter M.

Schriever, Bernard A.

Selfridge, Thomas E.

Shepard Jr., Alan B.

Sikorsky, Igor I.

Six, Robert F.

Smith, C.R.

Spaatz, Carl A.

Sperry Sr., Elmer A.

Sperry Sr., Lawrence B.

Stanley, Robert M.

Stapp, John P.

Stearman, Lloyd C.

Taylor, Charles E.

Thomas, Lowell

Towers, John H.

Trippe, Juan T.

Turner, Roscoe

Twining, Nathan F.

Vandenberg, Hoyt

von Braun, Wernher

von Karman, Theodore

von Ohain, Hans P.

Vought, Chance M.

Wade, Leigh

Walden, Henry W.

Wells, Edward

Wilson, Thornton A.

Woolman, Collett Everman "C.E."

Wright, Orville

Wright, Wilbur

Yeager, Charles E.

Young, John W. [1]


[1]The World Almanac® and Book of Facts 1995 is licensed from Funk & Wagnalls Corporation. Copyright © 1994 by Funk & Wagnalls Corporation. All rights reserved. The World Almanac and The World Almanac and Book of Facts are registered trademarks of Funk & Wagnalls Corporation.

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