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Aviation and Aerospace Technical Schools

George T. Baker Aviation School

High School Students Programs

At The Cutting Edge of Aviation Technology

The Place To Be For Shared Time Education!

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About High School Students Programs

What is a Shared Time Vocational School?

A shared time vocational school recruits high school students throughout Dade County to enroll in vocational classes. Students attend the vocational school one-half of the day and their high school the other half of the day. Shared time high school is more than classes, tests, and good times. It can be a stepping stone to your future. The first step in making a career choice is evaluating your interests, abilities, goals, and values; then relating them to career mp=nts.

What is the purpose of this school?

To prepare high School and adult students for an occupational skill that can be utilized immediately upon graduation.

What programs are available?

The following programs are available:

  1. Aerospace Technology - 1 year
  2. Aircraft Technician - 3 years
  3. Electronics/Technology - 3 years

What methods are used to teach the curriculum?

Teachers utilize various instructional techniques and provide hands-on activities to enhance the learning process. Listed below are some of the techniques used.

Where is the school located?

3275 NW 42 Avenue

Miami, Florida 33142

What about transportation?

Dade Count,v Public Schools, Department of Transportation provides transportation for students to
and from Baker Aviation at NO charge. Student wishing to drive to Baker Aviation must complete application for a parking permit. The application must be signed by a home school official, the parent, and approved by Baker Aviation. Parking is limited, therefore, students are encouraged to take the school bus to and from Baker Aviation.

Who is eligible to attend?

Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth graders

Will it cost me to attend?

There are no registration or tuition costs for high school students. In some classes, students must purchase workbooks and supplies.

How can I apply for admission?

Complete an application at your high school and give it to your counselor. Your counselor will send it to George T. Baker Aviation School. You must remember to place Baker Aviation on your subject selection card. A representative from Baker Aviation will be visiting your school. Check with your counselor or occupational placement specialist for date, time, and place.

Can high school credit be earned?

Yes. Three elective credits are awarded when you satisfactorily complete one year of class work.

After completing a program will I receive help in finding a job?

The school assists students and graduates in securing full and part-time employment. The Job Placement office located on campus is available to all students.

For additional information

Contact your school Occupational Placement Specialist, Counselor, CAP advisor, or the George T. Baker staff for more information. Our telephone is (305) 871-3143. CALL NOW!

An Equal Employment/Equal Education Opportunity Institution.

Accredited by the Council on Occupational Education and Federal Aviation Administration Certificate # CT9T072R

George T. Baker Aviation School
3275 N.W. 42 Ave. Miami, FL 33142
Tel. (305) 871-3143

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