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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) on Web Access

FAQ on Blacks in Aviation

The Blacks in Aviation part of the site can be accessed through

FAQ on Prime-Tech

The Prime-Tech part of the site has been migrated to our website.  You can access that part of the site through .

FAQ on Videos for the SUN system

You will need a PC or a Mac for videos as there is no plug-in available for Sun system.

FAQ on Video Clips

                    To find our video clips go to the gallery button at the top set of buttons on any of our pages.

FAQ on Tools

Our site is using mainly shockwave for animations, vivo for streaming videos and Realplayer (it doesn't matter what version, the latest G7 is good, especially since you can get it for free). If you go to our tool page @ if you click on each of the links it will take you directly to the download area in that site.

FAQ on Cookies Problem

Here is our suggestion to take care of the cookie problem. Go to your Edit field in the browser (Netscape) and go to the preferences section. There under the topic "Advanced" you will see a bunch of things that deal with cookies. just click on disable cookies and that will take care of the problem of cookies.

FAQ on Foilsim software

                    Please contact
                    for any question on this software or contact
                    Carol Galica (
                    Technical Contact: Tom Benson {}
                    Curator: Bruce Bream {}


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