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Section 6.8 - Review Exercise

Choose the BEST answer from the options.

1. is the capacity to do work.

2. If energy is not doing work, it is called .

3. is energy causing movement.

4. Boyle's law states that when the pressure on a gas is increased, the volume will be .

5. If the piston in an engine moves such that the volume of the confined gas is doubled, the pressure of the gas will be .

6. If the piston in an engine moves such that the pressure in the cylinder is increased, the temperature of the gas in the cylinder will .

7. Identify these parts of a reciprocating engine by choosing their names opposite the letter in the figure to the right.


Use the following figure for question 8 - 12:

Choose the BEST answer from the options.

8. Which is the intake stroke?

9. Which diagram should be colored red to show combustion?

10. Place the above strokes in correct sequence.

       A.    B.    C.    D.

11. Which stroke shows the exhaust is burned fuel?

12. In which strokes would Boyle's and Charles' laws be working in reverse?

(Volume larger, pressure lower) & .

13. A propeller that can change its pitch automatically to suit the needs of the engine is called a propeller.

14. A propeller creates lift because, like a wing, it is shaped like a(n) .

15. Feathering a propeller causes it to windmilling.

Place the letter of the option that BEST completes the statement.

16. The type of jet engine that must be moving through the air before it can be started is a

17. In a engine, most of the air entering the engine does not pass through the compressor.

18. The turbine drives a propeller in a engine.

19. In a turbine engine, the air and fuel are mixed together in the

20. In a turboprop engine, the speed of the propeller is slowed down by the

21. The major advantage a turbofan engine has over a turbojet engine is that

22. The compressor blades in a jet engine are turned by the


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