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Frederick H. Rohr

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Aero Engineer

Born Hoboken, New Jersey

May 10, 1895—November 8, 1965


The Rohr success story is a testimony to the free enterprise system in which native genius, initiative, and courage are the key's which open the door of success. Rohr entered the infant aircraft industry as an independent metal parts manufacturer in 1923 and in 1925 became a factory manager of the Prudden Aircraft Company in San Diego. Over the next 10 years, in like positions at the Boeing and Ryan Companies, he formulated advanced concepts for the mass production of aircraft sub-assembly components.

In 1940, he founded the Rohr Aircraft Corporation, and was the Chief Executive of this giant of the industry for more than 25 years. His development of the systems package concept of production, and advanced methods of drop hammer forging, overpressing forming of parts, use of stainless steel honeycomb construction, were in large measure responsible for the monumental U.S. aircraft production during World War II.

Invested 1966 in the International Aerospace Hall of Fame

From "These We Honor," The International Hall of Fame; The San Diego Aerospace Museum, San Diego, CA. 1984

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