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Aviation and Aerospace Technical Schools


Blue_Arrow82A0.gif (140 bytes) George T. Baker Aviation School in Miami, FL-trains high school and non-high school students for a variety of aircraft technician jobs
Blue_Arrow82A0.gif (140 bytes) Sheffield School of Aeronautics in Ft. Lauderdale, FL-trains aircraft dispatchers
Blue_Arrow82A0.gif (140 bytes) Teterboro School of Aeronautics in Teterboro, NJ-trains mechanics for airframe and powerplant certification
Blue_Arrow82A0.gif (140 bytes) Vaughn College of Aeronautics (Formerly known as the College of Aeronautics at Laguardia Airport, Flushing, NY)-build, design, fly and maintain state-of-art aircraft.
Blue_Arrow82A0.gif (140 bytes) Miami Valley Career Technology Center in Clayton, OH-trains high school and non-high school students for airframe and powerplant certification.
Blue_Arrow82A0.gif (140 bytes) Upper Bucks Institute of Aeronautics in Quakertown, PA-trains high school and non-high school students for a variety of aircraft technician jobs
Blue_Arrow82A0.gif (140 bytes) Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology-has several locations--trains aircraft technicians of various types and pilot training
Blue_Arrow82A0.gif (140 bytes) Institute of Flight Operations and Dispatch -several locations-trains flight dispatchers.
Blue_Arrow82A0.gif (140 bytes) Aviation Institute of Maintenance--has several locations--aviation servicing, aviation maintenance, and repairing today's high-tech aircraft; from small prop airplanes to the largest aircraft
Blue_Arrow82A0.gif (140 bytes) Amarillo College in Amarillo, TX--offers programs in aviation maintenance, A&P certificates

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