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The ALLSTAR Question and Answer Forum is designed to allow students to interact with our ALLSTAR Mentors by asking questions related to various Aviation and Aeronautics topics. The ALLSTAR Mentors are highly skilled scientists, engineers, and mathematicians, who work at various companies and government organizations, such as NASA.  Whenever you ask a question it may take up to two weeks to receive a reply, depending upon the question you ask.  Your reply will be sent to you directly.  If the answer may apply to others, as well, then it will be posted also onto the Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) section of the site.  

We invite you to join our ALLSTAR Question and Answer Forum and interact with the ALLSTAR Mentors.  You can even get ideas for questions by checking out some cool Aviation and Technology topics in the Future of Aviation and Aerospace Technology section of the Learning Lab.  Click here for available Learning Lab options.






We invite you to take a tour of the ALLSTAR Learning Lab's Blacks in Aviation section. There are many pioneers in the field of Aviation, who have made significant contributions to the advancement of flight itself, as well as in defense of our country. Some of these individuals are very well known, such as Charles Lindbergh, whose Transatlantic Flight early in this century made him a national hero. Many African- American aviation pioneers, such as Bessie Coleman, also have made significant contributions, but may not be as well known. African-American Aviators also made significant, and often heroic, contributions during periods of armed conflicts, such as World War II. The efforts of individuals, such as the Tuskegee Airmen, during World War II, have established a legacy of aviation and professional excellence, which we have only highlighted here. We wish to both acknowledge and thank the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum for making these photographs available for display, as part of the ALLSTAR Learning Lab. We welcome you to visit this section periodically as we continue to update it  with more historical and current information, such as  information on African-American Astronauts and Astronaut Candidates. Click here for available Learning Lab options.






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