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Picture 1 - Lt. C. D. "Lucky" Lester flew his North American P-51 Mustang, "Miss Pelt" to a     remarkable three victory day on July 18, 1944.                                   pic100

Picture 2 - Col. Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. post war commander of the 477th Composite Group confers with his officers in 1946  (Photo Credit: Benjamin O. Davis, Jr.)          pic102

Picture 3 -Cadet Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. USMA, class of 1936 (Photo Credit: Benjamin O. Davis, Jr.)                                                                                                     pic104

Picture 4 -Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. called home in August, 1943, bids farewall to the 99th Fighter Squadron at Licata, Sicily. (Photo Credit: Benjamin O. Davis, Jr.)       pic105

Picture 5 -General Daniel "Chappie" James, Jr. in front of his McDonnell-Douglas F-4C Phantom in Thailand during the Vietnam War.                                                       pic107

Picture 6 -Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. discusses flight maneuvers with two of his officers, while serving as commander of the 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing in Korea   (Photo Credit: Benjamin O. Davis, Jr.)                                                                                                     pic108

Picture 7 -Pioneers...a picture of Eugene Bullard who served as an infantryman with the French Foreign Legion and later flew with the French in 1917                         pic109

Picture 8 -James Herman Banning, 1900-1933 ...he was one of a handful of black pilots licensed by the Department of Commerce in the late 1920s  (Photo Credit: M. Murlee Hart)

Picture 9 -James Herman Banning  was a well known stunt pilot in the late 1920s and early 1930s before his death in 1933  (Photo Credit: M. Murlee Hart)                    pic111

Picture 10 -Neal Loving at Teterboro, NJ, en route to Jamaica in 1954 (Photo credit: Neil Loving)                                                                                              pic115

Picture 11 -332nd Fighter Pilots in Action ...CPT A.G. McDaniel (second from left) inspects the damage to his P-51 Mustang due to enemy fire over the Danube River.  Pictured with him are SGT R. Adams, LT J. McFatridge and  LT U. Taylor  (from left to right)              pic121

Picture 12 -Frank E. Petersen, Jr. combat veteran of Korea and Vietnam.  Later advanced to the rank of Brigadier General, USMC                                                      pic125

Picture 13 - LTC Noel F. Parrish, base commander at Tuskegee worked diligently to alleviate the harsh impact of segregation within the US Army Air Forces  (Photo credit: Elmer D. Jones)

Picture 14 -Pioneers (Bessie Coleman) became the first licensed black pilot in the US in 1922.                                                                                                 pic143

Picture 15 -Pioneers (Bessie Coleman's license to fly)                         pic145

Picture 16 -Flying in Chicago (Challenger Air Pilots' Association).  The CAPA became Chicago's first black flying club organized by John C. Robinson (far right)   (Photo credit: Harold Hurd)

Picture 17 -President Truman and the Fahy Committee at the signing of Executive Order 9981 endorsing equality of treatment and opportunity for all members of the military.  Looking on are J.H. Sengstacke (standing far left) and Lester B. Granger (fourth from right)      pic123

Picture 18 -COL "Chappie" James with President Johnson in 1970     pic124

Picture 19 -Flight Instructor Staff of Tuskegee Army Air Field poses for a group photo late in the war (Photo credit: Perry H. Young, Jr.)                                                     pic152

Picture 20 -Flight Crew standing by their aircraft (LT A.A. Rayner, Jr, with his crew pose in front of the B-25 at Godman Field (Photo credit: Joseph Hardy)                     pic139







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