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Picture 1 - MAJ James Ellison returns Mac Ross' salute while reviewing the first class of Tuskegee cadets along the flight light in 1941                                                      pic101

Picture 2 - COL Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. receives a visit from MG Elwood Quesada at Lockbourne AFB, Ohio in 1946  (photo credit COL Davis)                                   pic103

Picture 3 -Dale L. White (center) and Chauncey E. Spencer (second from right) are greeted by Cornelius R. Coffey (second from left) after completion of their 3000 mile round trip from Chicago to Washington in 1939     (photo credit Harold Hurd)   pic112

Picture 4 -MAJ George S. "Spanky" Roberts in the cockpit of his P-51C Mustang in Italy in 1944. (Photo credit William R. Thompson)                                                   pic114

Picture 5 -Ground crew members repairs a wing section of a P-51 Mustang.  (photo credit  Elmer D. Jones)                                                                                                pic116

Picture 6 -Herbert Carter of the 99th Fighter Squadron writes a letter while sitting on the wing of a P-40 fighter.  (photo credit William R. Thompson)                              pic117

Picture 7 -A 99th Fighter Squadron pilot studies his map before a mission (photo credit William R. Thompson)                                                                                        pic118

Picture 8 -LT Wendell O. Pruitt (right) receives congratulations from fellow pilot John F. Briggs.                                                                                               pic119

Picture 9 -SSGT Bill Hall (left) of the 99th Fighter Squadron leads his crew's effort to complete maintenance on a P-40  (photo credit William R. Thompson                pic120

Picture 10 -Black airmen stand next to a B-24 bomber of the 15th Air Force.

Picture 11 -CPT Ronald A. Radcliffe, US Army, received the Army Aviator of the Year award in 1972 for his repeated acts of heroism as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam    pic126

Picture 12 -CPT Lloyd Newton becomes the first black pilot to join the US Air Force's Thunderbirds in 1974                                                                                              pic127

Picture 13 - CPT Joseph "Peter" Petersen of the Thunderbirds.  Died in January 1982 while attempting a difficult aerial maneuver over the Nevada desert               pic128

Picture 14 -US Air Force Thunderbirds flying in aerial demonstration.  pic129

Picture 15 -BG Benjamin O. Davis, Jr, meets Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek of the Republic of China (now Taiwan)  (photo credit BG Davis)                                              pic130

Picture 16 -Integrated AF B-26 crew that flew last combat mission of Korean War in July 1953.  From left A3C D. Judd, LT D. Mansfield and LT B. Ralston               pic131

Picture 17 -Charles B. Hall becomes the first black fighter pilot to down an enemy aircraft on July 21, 1943 (Photo credit: Benjamin O Davis, Jr)                                          pic132

Picture 18 -Officers of the 332nd Fighter Group.  Bottom Row: Benjamin Davis is 3rd from left and "Spanky" Roberts is second from right.  (Photo credit: Benjamin O. Davis, Jr)

Picture 19 -COL Leslie Parrish with his Black officers at Tuskegee Army Air Field.  (Photo credit: Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, NY Public Library)

Picture 20 -A B-25 crew consults a flight plan in April, 1945, prior to a training mission (Photo credit: Joseph Hardy)                                                                                    pic136








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